nothing is certain, the future is ever changing, all we have is right now

Trying to find a place to live in Melbourne is proving a tedious and uncertain task. 



It’s amazing what a deadline can do to jumpstart a person into action

With the date looming of my big move to Melbourne all of a sudden I find myself being super efficient and kicking goals. ha. If only there were terrifying big deadlines looming that made me super motivated every week.. wait, that doesn't sound fun. I think I'll just take stock of this experience for futureContinue Reading

Trust in the universe

I'd just about given up on house sitting as an accommodation option then I got a call offering me a spot for two weeks, no questions, all set and done. My hope is renewed! There is a possibility I can study for a year and not have to pay rent while I do. It canContinue Reading

The days are long but a year goes so fast

Read Tim Winton's Breath this morning. Expert storytelling. It was so good I didn't want to put it down, so I didn't. Front to back in about four and a half hours. Fantastic Sunday morning. And excellent time spent prior to an afternoon surf down at Manly Beach. Sentence for the day.. The days are longContinue Reading

money can’t buy happiness

I'd rather be poor and know what I want out of life and be striving for it than be rich and blowing in the breeze, not knowing what to do with myself. One could argue having less strengthens your convictions and magnifies your need or drive to reach higher and go further. 18114

thank you my love

Just before bed my boyfriend had a good chat with me about looking logically at what is most important to achieve and what is possible to achieve in the short amount of time I have before moving to Melbourne to begin my one year of training at the Howard Fine Acting Studio. The conversation leftContinue Reading

Walk for life

It's amazing what a walk can do to clear your mind and get those creative thoughts buzzing! I'm making plans, solving problems, getting things done.    16114

hanging on hope

Several close friends assured me today that if you want a thing bad enough something will come to set it right and make it come true.  15114

Hindsight hurts

Today I discovered a grant that I could have applied for 2 months ago, which I didn't, which would have paid for 75% of my training this year. If only I'd looked it up sooner. Well, must keep looking forward, or as the song goes "the only way is up". Tomorrow is a new day.  …IContinue Reading

first things first

The worst thing about being a planner is knowing a looming deadline is gettng closer and closer, but biting the bullet, sending that dreaded email and setting things in motion is refreshingly freeing and often brings unexpected bonuses! #thelightattheendofthetunnel 13114